Transforming care for clinicians and patients

Blood testing is a miserable experience for patients and doctors with current solutions not designed to meet their needs. The result is inefficiency and unnecessary costs.

By moving blood testing into the ward, the clinic, and the pharmacy, clinicians and patients can have convenient, ready access to the most common blood tests leading to better care.

Our values


Everything we produce puts people at the centre. We evaluate real customer needs and develop our technology to adapt to them.


We have created a user-friendly device with an intuitive process that streamlines the provision of lab-quality blood tests at the point of care.


We have extensive experience in the healthcare industry and make sure our solutions work in real clinical settings.


Chris Ball

Founder, CEO

Prior to founding Jupiter Diagnostics, Chris launched point-of-care diagnostic tests for Johnson & Johnson in Europe. He has worked as a CEO of a Boston biotech company, as a venture capital investor and a doctor. He has raised more than £40 million for companies he has supported or led.

Gareth Jones


Gareth was previously the Assistant Director and Head and Science Chair of the Biology and Medicine College, Synchrotron Radiation Department at the STFC Daresbury Laboratory. Since 2006, he has created and advised on novel diagnostic technologies for 10 UK firms. He is a named inventor on 13 patents and has over 70 papers published including in Nature.

Richard Sandberg


Dick established Dianon Systems, a large US pathology service eventually sold to LabCorp. Since 2008 he has been Chair of Oxford Immunotec which in 2013 was one of the few UK diagnostic companies to complete a public offering on NASDAQ.

Calisto Multitest Reader

Simple, accurate blood tests at the point of care

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