The Calisto Multitest Reader

Key benefits

Simple process

We have created an intuitive process that makes collecting blood tests easy.


Use the portable reader with the patient: no lab required.

Fast and accurate

Receive as many as 7 simultaneous lab-quality test results in 10 minutes.

Small sample size

Quickly collect the small 10μL sample from a single finger prick directly into the test card.

The Multitest Reader

Dimensions: W 210mm × H 130mm × D 45mm

Weight: 650 g

  1. Easy access test card drawer
  2. Full colour LCD touch screen
  3. On/off switch
  4. Power port, ethernet port, three USB 2.0 ports for connecting to accessories (e.g. printer, barcode scanner, or WiFi dongle)
  • Select up to 7 tests simultaneously
  • Easy-to-use touch screen interface
  • 10 minute test time

The Multitest Card

Dimensions: W 35mm × H 100mm × D 4mm

  1. Blood filter
  2. Blood port
  3. Cap
  • Capable of running 7 tests from a single sample
  • Quickly collect the 10μL sample from a finger prick
  • Single-use (dispose after use)

How to run a test

Collect blood directly into the test card.

Select up to 7 tests to run at the same time.

Get results in 10 minutes